There are various kinds of accomodation, from camps to hotels. I'll give you some tips, where is the cheapest or most comfortable lodgings.


I'll show you some pensions from the cheapest to the most expensive in our town.


It's close to the centre (centre means Přemysl Otakar II Square near the Black Tower), only 10 minutes to get there. Maybe the name AXJ sounds untraditionally, but it doesn't change a thing on fact, that people are pleased with this accomodation according to the review I've read. Near this pension, you'll find restaurants, bars and there is a railway station 200 metres away from AXJ.

The prices from: 290 Kč

>>AXJ (CZ)

Accomodation Resslova 3

It's located near Výstaviště (the exhibitions take place there), approximately 15 minutes from the town centre. It's a calm place to stay, you should have enough privacy here.

The prices from: 350 Kč

>>Resslova 3 (CZ)

Ubytovna u nádraží

The lodging-house is situated near the main railway station and opposite Mercury centre. The reception desk is nonstop available, so you can check in whenever you want.

The prices from: 380 Kč

>>Ubytovna u nádraží (EN)


It's a family house situated in the middle of the town, close to the historical centre. There is a garden with a sandpit and a swimming pool, ideal place for a family with small children. The food is not available in L-Penzion.

The prices from: 500 Kč

>>L-Penzion (CZ)

Pension Restaurant Centrum

This pension is situated right in the town centre. Besides the accomodation, Pension Restaurant Centrum offers a great restaurant, where the receptions or weddings could take place. The restaurant serves the hotel guests, too.

The prices from: 800 Kč

>>Pension Restaurant Centrum (EN)


The most luxurious hotels are in the town centre. Probably one of the best-known hotels is Gomel, which isn't, however, exactly in the town centre. I'll refer to this below.

Hotel Zátkův Dům (***)

This hotel is located almost next to Přemysl Otakar II Square in Krajinská Street. It consists originally of two Gothic buildings. Zátkův Dům can offer you a rich buffet as a stylish breakfast besides other advantages, which are described on their web sites.

The prices from: 1250 Kč

Parking for one night costs 150 Kč

>>Zátkův Dům (EN)

Hotel Gomel (****)

It ranks among the highest buildings in Budweis. The building is 71 metres high and has 16 floors. It's almost 10 minutes walking away from the centre. The name Gomel is after one city in Belorussia.

The prices from: 1450 Kč

>>Gomel (CZ)

Grand Hotel Zvon (****)

Grand Hotel Zvon is comprised of the three buildings (from the highest to the smallest one)

Hotel Dvořák as a part of the shopping centre Dvořák

It's situated directly in the town centre on Přemysl Otakar II Square. It belongs to one of the most luxurious accomodation in Budweis. Grand Hotel Zvon has received official certification by Czech Association of Hotels and Restaurants.

The prices about 1800 Kč for one person

>>Grand Hotel Zvon (EN)

Hotel Dvořák (****)

You'll find this hotel on Přemysl Otakar II Square. There is a big amount of shops you could visit. The hotel is just a part of this shopping complex.

The prices about 2000 Kč

>> Hotel Dvořák (CZ)

Hotel Malý Pivovar (****)

It's located near Přemysl Otakar II Square in a very luxurious building with arcades. It is said that this hotel represent especially Budweiser beer and the town itself. A pub Malý Pivovar is a proud part of the hotel complex.

The prices about 2000 Kč

>>Hotel Malý Pivovar (EN)


There is only one camp in Budweis. Other camps are not directly in the town.

Autocamp Dlouhá Louka

Autocamp is located in Stromovka (the biggest park in Budweis). The price depends on what you bring with you (a mobile home, tents, car…). You can also pay for a bed, because there's a motel and a restaurant, too.

>>Autocamp Dlouhá Louka (EN)

Student's Dor­mitories

Dormitories are set in Máj (the housing estate). During the summer holiday, when the students are gone, accomodation here is offered for tourists. You don't spend so much money on this accomodation, even if you bring more people with.

The prices from: 300 Kč

>>Dormitories (CZ)